DIRECTV CINEMA Toll Free Phone Number

Contact 877-667-4651 to reach DIRECTV CINEMA sales representatives at their toll free telephone number.

Click to call 877-667-4651 and reach DIRECTV CINEMA toll free.

The toll free phone number for DIRECTV CINEMA is 877-667-4651. DIRECTV CINEMA allows subscribers to stream the latest box-office movies directly to their home theater system. No internet connection is required to use CINEMA on-demand with DIRECTV. Speak with a customer service representative who can offer the latest deals and specials for DIRECTV CINEMA by calling their toll free phone number. Individuals interested in purchasing the latest DIRECTV packages that offer online streaming and on-demand programming can speak with a sales specialist by phone. The new DIRECTV CINEMA service allows subscribers to watch movies online through their computer or mobile device anytime, anywhere. Order special discount satellite television packages that include DIRECTV CINEMA services by contact their sales department toll free. Existing customers can upgrade to the new online streaming service by contacting DIRECTV by telephone. There’s no cost or obligation to get a free quote for DIRECTV CINEMA service when you contact their toll free telephone number. New subscribers to DIRECTV will also receive a free HD DVR system that allows them to record their favorite television programming, even while away from home. Begin your new service with DIRECTV CINEMA by speaking with a sales associate over the phone toll free. Call the toll free phone number now to hear the latest discounts and specials available for DIRECTV service.

Mon-Sun :   8:00 am to 1:00 am
(all times Eastern)

Call 877-667-4651 for DIRECTV CINEMA

Subscribe to DIRECTV CINEMA to watch on-demand programming and stream live television to any computer or device at no additional cost. New subscribers will also receive a free HD DVR to record their favorite shows, even while away from the home. Satellite streaming over the internet is available with DIRECTV CINEMA.